What we do...

Specialized Silicon Valley IT Training and Placement for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing. We are a non-profit organization, providing specialized Information Technology training and placement leading to meaningful employment.

Our mission is to ensure that any individual with special needs have the opportunity to gain a higher quality of life and become active participants in their community.

How we do it

We will achieve this goal by providing training and placement services for our clients that maximize independence and self-sufficiency, which allows them to pursue opportunities in areas such as citizenship, education, living independently, or volunteerism.


We are currently buliding an online platform especifically for the deaf and hard hearing community. Courses are not yet available. Please check back another time and if you want to help us get in touch by emailing us.

Try us NOW!

Our experienced instructors and placement professionals can help you prepare for your career in Information Technology. Contact Us to learn how we can help you grow your skills and gain a new career in Information Technology.


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